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Cryptocurrencies have gained significant traction in the past few years as part of investment. Most people buy cryptocurrencies but fail to make the gains out of it. They just did not meet the right & safe place to buy cryptocurrencies.

Buy and sell your first cryptocurrencies only in Legend Exchanger (PT. Artha Valas Indo)

about legend exchanger

Legend Exchanger is an official cryptocurrency P2p OTC exchange based in Indonesia. Registered as PT. Artha Valas Indo, we focus on cryptocurrency sale and purchase through OTC deals and bank transfer.

We offer seamless currency exchange and contactless payments with both fiat and stablecoins. We officially partner with large cryptocurrency exchanger such as Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, Huobi, and Bitget. Becoming their official P2P merchant, we provide better service for you.

Currently, we have been serving over 100.000 customers all over the world and the number is growing rapidly. We put professional service, fast, and secure transaction in the first place.

Why Choose Legend Exchanger

If you plan to buy or sell cryptocurrency, it is important to choose the right exchange. You will get the best price and service with Legend Exchanger.

Fast transaction

we provide OTC exchange with fast transaction. We settle all transaction within minutes with no delays.

Secure transaction

we believe in secure transaction thus we provide all the necessary tools to keep transaction safe. We have handled over 100.000 transactions since 2017 with tremendous volume with no issues.

Trusted and certified

trusted by more than 100.000 customers, we are a certified and official P2P merchant from many big crypto exchanges.

Our Services

To meet the demand of cryptocurrencies exchange, we provide several types of service. Here are our most popular products.

Buy and sell USDT using Fiat (IDR/SGD)

Buy and sell BUSD using Fiat (IDR/SGD)

Buy and sell USDC using Fiat (IDR/SGD)

Our Company is Officially Registered in Indonesia as PT. Artha Valasindo

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More than 100.000 customers used Legend Exchanger, now it is your turn.

Enjoy safe and secure transaction only in Legend Exchanger.

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Buy and sell your first cryptocurrencies only in Legend Exchanger (PT. Artha Valas Indo)